Our People

Wolf Barleugh 

Wolf is a founding Trustee of wI which was established on his initiative and idea for the universally co-ordinated washIF programme which is our central fund-raising principle. The idea came to him during a hotel stay on one of his travels, and it struck him as logical that the funds raised by such an enterprise should be channelled into a water-related charity. This in turn led him to formulate the concept of Water Incorporated. Wolf is a retired solicitor whose time is spent managing his family property portfolio and pursuing charitable causes.

Peter Ulrich 

Peter has worked with Wolf and his family since 1999 and was a founding Trustee of wI bringing his administrative experience to the operation. He has a breadth of experience encompassing local government, London theatre, band management, and various private enterprises in retail and commerce. Peter is a long-time private gift-aider to leading UK water charity WaterAid, and in 2010 he and his wife visited their younger daughter during an eight month volunteer assignment on an AquaAid village community in rural Malawi. He is delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in fund-raising work for safe water projects.

Adam Saito

After graduating university with a degree in Economics, Adam wanted to help his father's charity both due to its noble cause and because of his previous experiences. While at university he took part in two charity fundraisers one of which set a new record for funds raised, and as the next generation of Trustees he wants to start playing a bigger part in its activities. His time now is split between working in real estate and in music.