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Water Incorporated, registered charity no. 1121794, needs a landmark HQ from which to roll out our worldwide fundraising programme and we would love to buy Clerkenwell Fire Station as it perfectly suits our requirements.

We have submitted proposals (supported by architectural plans) to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) to:

  • pay the market price with swift completion from available funds
  • preserve the historic fire station in consultation with Historic England and the Victorian Society
  • create a local fire service museum and visitor facility on the ground floor
  • establish Water Incorporated's public education centre on the first floor.
  • open up the courtyard as a public space
  • build an attractive new block of affordable/social housing on the Topham Street/Coldbath Square corner
  • bring the building and site back to life in the heart of the Clerkenwell community

These criteria meet all the planning requirements set out in the London Borough of Islington Planning Brief of November 2014 which derive from the public consultation held in summer 2014 in which the views and wishes of the Clerkenwell community were strongly and clearly expressed.

The addition of new affordable/social housing supports the policies of both London Borough of Islington and London Mayor Sadiq Khan's urgent housing initiatives.

The preservation of the original fire station will be in accordance with its Grade II heritage listing.

And, of course, the sale of Clerkenwell Fire Station will mean that LFEPA is no longer wasting taxpayers' money on keeping the building and site secured and insured as it has reportedly been doing for almost three years now.

Surely LFEPA should be delighted to have such a potential buyer appear on the scene?


In response to Water Incorporated's approaches, LFEPA have:

  • refused us access to the building and site for the purpose of refining our plans and costings
  • refused to discuss with us any element of our proposals
  • refused to put Clerkenwell Fire Station back on the market so we can participate in an open and transparent sale process
  • refused to explain why they will not put it back on the market
  • refused to put the future of Clerkenwell Fire Station on the agenda for their next meeting
  • refused our request to submit a public question to the next LFEPA meeting on the grounds that they consider our request to be "frivolous"

WE WANT TO KNOW WHY????????????????????????

If YOU also want to know WHY???... please help us and help Clerkenwell get the future it wants for its fire station in five easy steps:

1) Click ACT NOW below and print out the letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan;

2) sign and complete your name and address where indicated;

3)  scan and email it to (you can, of course, also send an original by post if you wish);

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