About Us

Our objectives and activities

Water Incorporated (wI) was established and registered as a charity in the UK in 2006 with the following aims:

  • to relieve poverty and sickness
  • to preserve and protect health in under developed countries by the provision and maintenance of clean water supplies
  • to extend public awareness of the importance of sustainable water usage


What sets wI apart from other water charities is its plan to establish and operate a co-ordinated universal scheme of towel wash savings named "washIF".

The main concept itself is already in use - you have probably seen a sign in a hotel room asking if you need new towels everyday.  This is a great start and can very significantly reduce hotel wash loads so saves wastage of water supplies and reduces the chemical pollution from detergents but we want to take it even further!  What is new and unique to wI is that we are establishing and managing a universal subscription programme for the hotel industry to unify and streamline such efforts, many of which are currently haphazard and at best half-hearted in their implementation.

We want hotels to join the washIF programme and to donate the main part of the savings they make in reducing their washloads to water supply initiatives which will create or increase access to clean, safe drinking water in many different countries.  

In return they will receive all the signage for their bathrooms and washrooms from wI, plus they will benefit from the promotions carried out by wI encouraging travellers to use wI-registered accommodation in the knowledge that their participation in our washIF programme means they are contributing funds back into providing clean water where it's needed, rather than just into the pockets of the hotel owner.

Our operations

In order for wI to roll out its fundraising programme worldwide, it is essential for the charity to acquire a suitable headquarters - an instantly recognisable building in a prominent location which in itself is the hub of a bustling community - to bring both publicity and people to our doorstep. This is the current focus.