Useful Links

Below we give links to the websites of some of the other organisations we are aware of, and whose work we monitor, which are either dedicated to, or are significantly involved in, the global effort to bring clean, safe drinking water to everyone.

These links are provided for information only - we do not endorse, and nor is Water Incorporated endorsed by, any of these organisations.

International, non-governmental charity dedicated to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people.

Independent water charity closely supported by the travel industry, with volunteer field workers implementing projects internationally.

Privately established charity based in UK and Gambia whose projects have a particular emphasis on long-term sustainability.

Water and sanitation charity focussed on supporting projects in villages in rural Africa.

Organisation helping to provide clean, safe drinking water to people in the third world and disaster zones.

US-based charity which started with a project in Guatemala and has expanded to support water projects in 78 countries.

Water project charity founded by film star Matt Damon and water/sanitation engineer Gary White which grew out of White's former WaterPartners International and Damon's former H2O Africa.

US-based charity funding clean water projects in 24 countries.

US-based charity supporting community-driven water projects, with particular focus on Kenya and Ghana, and developers of a special water filtration product called The Straw to make contaminated water safe to drink.

Business Partners for Development - Water and Sanitation; organisation which builds networks between governments, businesses and charities to promote research, development and applications in water and sanitation.

Division of the United Nations focussing on water and sanitation, which runs World Water Day every March.

The World Health Organisation, whose wide ranging education and field projects include the provision of safe water and sanitation.

'Water and sanitation' is one of the main themes of Oxfam's health programme, and the charity has engineering teams installing water supplies in areas of need.

International charity dedicated to the safety and protection of children, whose work includes projects to bring safe water to vulnerable children.