Welcome to the home of Water Incorporated

We are a registered charity dedicated to:

  • raising funds to support projects bringing clean, safe drinking water to communities around the world deprived of this basic human right
  • raising public awareness of the importance and effectiveness of preserving and responsibly using our planet's precious water resources

Water is an essential component of life

On average 60% of our bodies are water - in some people it can be as high as 70% - and these levels must be maintained for good health, and our very survival.

However, approximately one in 10 people on our planet do not have access to clean, safe water in order to do this. That's a staggering 800 million people who are at daily risk of ill-health, disease and death from either dehydration or from drinking contaminated water because they have no other option.

It is a daunting statistic...

...but it is also the inspiration for many fantastic charitable organisations and projects across the globe which are, day-by-day, bringing new water supplies to outlying communities.

It is also essential that the 90% of us lucky enough to have clean, safe water flowing out of our taps understand the fragility of this resource.

Climate change is real

Sea levels are rising, leading to increased contamination of fresh water with saline water, and temperatures are rising, with increased evaporation from freshwater lakes and reservoirs.

There is not only the need to bring safe clean water to those who do not currently have access, but also to preserve this vital resource for those that do.


None of us can rely on clean, safe water continuing to flow from our taps

We must learn to conserve, and we must learn how to reduce pollution.

There has been a revolution in the recycling of both industrial and household waste in the "developed" world in recent decades - a similar revolution is needed to preserve our water supplies.

At Water Incorporated, we seek to be at the forefront of public education in this field


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