Use of Funds

Water Incorporated (wI) is an entirely independent charity with no affiliations to water industries, government agencies, political organisations, commercial companies or sponsors, we allocate funds entirely on merit and efficiency of the schemes.

The right projects

It is of paramount importance to wI that the funds we raise are directed into hands-on water projects in the areas of greatest need.  We assess projects on grounds including the track record of the project manager, the timescale of the proposed initiative, urgency of need in the proposed location, the number of people to be reached, and the transparency of the project's accounting.


Cloud Capture Scheme

wI also encourages innovation, supporting ingenious schemes where standard provision methods, boring wells and sink holes, are impractical and a bit of "outside the box" cunning has been required.  One of our favourites is the "cloud capture" scheme in the mountains of Eastern Nepal in which vast nylon mesh nets are suspended vertically to collect water as the clouds pass through them.  Water droplets form on the mesh and run down into collecting gulleys below which channel the water away down the mountainsides to storage tanks where it can be tapped off by local villagers - pure, clean drinking water ready for safe consumption.

Disaster Relief

wI also looks to support disaster relief initiatives. When major natural disasters occur - earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis - it is typical for the normal local infrastructure to break down. The most urgent need beside the work of the human rescue services is the rapid restoration of fresh water supplies where existing supplies have become contaminated. In the case of extensive flooding by seawater, for example, this may require rushing stocks of de-salination units to the disaster area.

wI's accounts - showing its income from its washIF programme, and its allocation of funds to hands-on water projects - will be published in standard accounting periods and made available in the public domain (including on this website) for complete transparency.